Equipments and consumables

KATRIN Dispenser and Paper

STEFA INVEST imports KATRIN hygiene products directly from 2010 onwards.
The largest manufacturer of hygiene products in Central Europe, the KATRIN brand meets the users’ requirements with 3-level quality products:




Destination of KATRIN products:

  •  Toilets
  •  Health / Nursing
  •  Public institution
  •  Food industry
  •  Industrial space / Logistics
  •  Hotel / Restaurant

The KATRIN product line marketed by STEFA INVEST contains:

  •  Katrin System
  •  KATRIN folded towels
  •  Towels in KATRIN roll (with central roll)
  •  KATRIN giant hygienic paper
  •  Small roll hygienic paper
  •  Proportional toilet paper (bulk pack)
  •  KATRIN kitchen rolls
  •  Medical sheets
  •  Nonwoven textiles
  •  KATRIN industrial rolls
  •  Soaps, foam soaps and cleaning products
  •  Room freshener
  •  KATRIN Dispenser

Katrin is a brand of hygiene products designed to provide hygiene and comfort in places where people spend time when away from home, such as toilets, hotels, offices, schools and health care centers.

The most advanced technology, both in terms of efficiency and ecology, is used to produce the Katrin range.
Safety and comfort for people using Katrin products ensures comfort and functionality for shared toilets, industrial jobs, hotels, schools, restaurants and medical institutions. So in situations where people are away from home.

Katrin brand solutions are carefully designed and provide a balance between the environment, social responsibility and economy.
Katrin solutions include sanitary paper products, professional freshening and cleaning cloths, wipes, compatible dispensers and accessories. Our goal is to relieve our customers from worries.

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Cleaning equipment

Our company specializes in the sale and distribution of cleaning technology for commercial and industrial use. The product program contains: professional and industrial vacuum cleaners, professional floor cleaning machines, street cleaning equipment and multifunctional tractors.
Our team is made up of specialists with more than ten years of experience in the field of professional and industrial cleaning equipment. We are always ready to offer advice on various equipment or cleaning methods.

Our range of products contains carefully selected and tested machines on the Romanian market, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements and the heaviest working environments.
We are at your service in professional cleaning services to find the best equipment for Your needs.


Starting with 2006, STEFA INVEST supports cleanliness and hygiene in Romania, distributing on the market products and professional equipment from renowned manufacturers with high quality standards. 

STEFA INVEST is proud of its strong partnership relations with companies in areas such as: cleaning companies, hotels and hostels, hospitals, medical and dental clinics, office buildings, warehouses and industrial premises, educational establishments, hypermarkets, supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants.

Our mission  is to offer our customers the best quality products at competitive prices, while giving them the help and support they need throughout the sale and post-sale process.

Our vision is to help improve standards and services in cleanliness and professional hygiene.

House cleaning bags

The current variety of products marketed by the company consists of three brands Stella Pack®,  Ana-Venit Garantat® and Sweet Home®. 

Stella Pack® is the company’s main product line and wants to be positioned as a premium brand, while the Ana-VenitGarantat® and Sweet Home® brands have been created for household welfare and are positioned in the economic segment.                 

STEFA INVEST is based on two product categories: Household and Homestorage.

Household: Household microfiber wipes, kitchen, bathroom and machine, microfiber mops, garden gloves, buckets, sponges.

Homestorage: Household bags, aluminum foil, paper and bags for cooking food, freezer bags, breakfast, ice, food, etc.                                        

Sweet Home® includes a wide range of products: household bags, universal cloths, rubber gloves, aluminum foil and freshness, bakery bags and papers, freezer bags, breakfast, ice, food, etc., napkins, mops, sponges, buckets, hooks, table candles.

Ana-Venit Garantat®  contains goods such as: household bags, universal cloths, aluminum foil and freshness, bakery bags and papers, freezer bags, breakfast, ice, food, mops, sponges, gloves, pliers for laundry, detergents for cleaning, all designed specifically to help your home.

Our professional staff, products and solutions are always within easy reach.